“They stretched for blocks, each building containing four units and looking almost identical except for their colors; peach, pale yellow, gray or light blue. The only differences were the number of bedrooms in each unit and the families housed inside. We were raised with the expectations of that same conformity; only even more rigid; black and white, as opposed to peach, pale yellow, gray, or light blue.” Take a journey with Coleen as she strives to break free from the conformity of her childhood. After following the expectations of family, church and society for years, she finally begins questioning the beliefs that were ingrained in her. The more she questions and begins to trust herself, the more she starts to free her own Soul from its confines. Follow the synchronicity in her life as it leads her to the experiences she needs; not only to understand some of her life lessons, but to grow through them. Coleen writes with vulnerability and openness, as she shares, with candor, her most intimate, personal experiences; the pains, joys, loves, fears, failures and successes of a life lived from the inside out.
Knock, Knock Can Coleen Come Out?