Where Did You Come From?

Even though I knew my Soul would never let you go, I thought I had purged you from my emotions for the most part. In the last six years or so, I've been able to think of you without the complete feeling of loss and grief that I had felt the previous 22 years. The other night, I looked at your picture and wished for you a Happy Birthday and a happy life, and didn't feel anything except love and gratitude for the chance to be able to share my Soul deeply with another person.

Damn the music. I thought it was just bringing back the remembrance of easier things; drinking nights, new friends, new experiencess... all the fun experiences of youth. Even the sadness and confusion from those younger years was easier...easier because my heart wasn't fully open then.

But, you popped in back then like you did tonight...suddenly and out of nowhere. To touch my heart in a way it had never been touched before...nor since.